This year, we have extended the number of committees to five. Each one will focus on a subtopic related to global health.

Here is a list of the committees and their themes, with a short insight on the topic.

Note that this is only an introduction; Your clause and the debate in general don't have to include the examples stated!


Defining a framework for the action of medical and food industries (i.e. Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Companies, ...)

From the price hiking of certain medications, such as the EpiPen scandal, to the use of potentially dangerous pesticides in agriculture, a wide range of actions in modern industries go unnoticed and unregulated. Should international law regulate these practices more?

34 Delegates

Human Rights

Ensuring an equal access to medication and services regarding reproductive rights

Alongside the fight against sexism when it comes to diagnoses and treatments, women still face the struggle for their rights to reproductive health. Prevention of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), hygiene and reproductive freedom, such as contraception and abortion, are among the most argued issues revolving around women's rights.

56 Delegates

Science & Technology

Defining a new framework to medical research(i.e. Ethics, Antibiotic Resistance, ...)

Global research (i.e. in genetics) has reached, in recent years, a point of no return, with numerous ethical questions being the big obstacle to technological progress. While providing the world with state-of-the-art cures to previously incurable diseases, is medical research also being, or going to be, abused? Antibiotic resistance is a prime example of this...

34 Delegates
Researches are looking into the eradication of certain mosquitoes responsible for Malaria, one of the worlds deadliest diseases, by gene editing.Credit to Smithsonian


Guaranteeing air quality, notably by reducing fine particulate matter emissions, and ensuring the access to clean air for future generations

Across the globe, large scale industrial activities combined with the burning of fossil fuels as the main source of energy is presenting us with the unprecedented threat of air pollution. Artificial particulate matter has both known and unknown harmful effects on biological life. Our health, along with our future generations' health, therefore relies on us to control these toxic emissions.

51 Delegates
Air pollution is one of the multiple major health concerns related to waste.Credit to Christina Larson - "The Public Health Implications of China's Economic Boom"

Crisis Situations

Improving access to first aid in war zones (i.e. UN Intervention, NGOs)

Multiple countries continue to struggle in violent conflicts, their citizens being the first victims. The United Nations and Non-governmental Organizations have the key role of intervening in these zones to supply the necessary physical and psychological aid to the victims of war.

32 Delegates