Consult the list now to find out what country you will represent during the conference!

Registrations CLOSED

The registrations for REMUN 2019 have been closed since Friday, March 8. For those who have signed up but have not yet given their "droit à l'image", please bring it to us as soon as possible. You will otherwise be denied entry at REMUN!

Registration Deadline

The deadline for the pre-registrations will be Friday, March 1st, 2019 Friday, March 8, 2019! Be sure to fill in either the forms available at the Vie scolaire or the online pre-registration form before this deadline. We will likely not be able to give you a spot in Remun 2019 if you do not respect this deadline!

The registrations for REMUN 2019 are now open! You can sign up by:

  • Taking the individual forms at the Vie Scolaire. One form must be filled in for every person in the group of 3, and all three forms must be returned to the Vie Scolaire!
  • Clicking here and filling out the entire form which is valid for the whole group of 3. Each person of the group must then fill in the "Formulaire de droit à l'image" available in the Vie Scolaire!